We specialise in off-grid, Hybrid and Grid Coupled systems - from small to large domestic requirements, and implement Victron Energy solutions to provide only the best in quality.

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We tailor make requirements with a wide variety of inverters according to our client’s residential needs. Our systems are modular and able to increase if load demand changes.

Victron has a large variety of Inverters starting from as small as 1.2kw ranging up to 15kw. These inverters can be parallel to increase the inverter capacity and can connect single or 3 phase systems. For instance, a house require 3 Phase will require 3 Victron Inverters and is configured in a 3 phase solution.

The Charge Controllers are designed with small to large controllers to suite your specific need when planning your Solar Panel PV Array. Therefore you can start small and increase you Solar PV Panels.

The bottom line:
Take control of your own power.


You are not limited with your solar panels in relation to the inverter size.


Victron has a great Monitoring System which is accessible through your computer or Cell Phone.


We integrate a back up generator in the event of poor weather conditions and grid failure.

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