Our Solar PV with Battery Solutions and Direct Solar PV VSD Solutions for agriculture setups enable farm owners to thrive in challenging economic climates.

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Solar PV with Battery Solutions
Thaba Solar is the first company in South Africa to successfully implement an off-grid system on large Agricultural farms.

These solutions require proper planning and we are working closely with farmers to ensure solutions meet demand.

These systems can be integrated with Large Diesel Generators to assist the load and supply in poor weather conditions.

The system is fully automated and can be installed off-grid or grid support and/or generator support.

These systems can be coupled with the national grid and the solutions will assist during load shedding

One of the first large agricultural systems we implemented in December 2021 was on a farm outside Thabazimbi consisting of:

>  3x500kW ATESS BiDirectional Inverters
>  2x120kWh FreedomW Won Lithium Batteries
>  2mW Solar Panel Pv

Subsequently, more crop farms have been implemented.
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Direct Solar PV VSD Solutions
The Direct Solar Solution entails Solar PV Array that is connected directly into a VSD “Variable Speed Solar Drive”, using high voltage solar panel input.

This is a Hybrid Drive therefore the National Grid is connected to assist/supplement in poor weather conditions.

Generators can also be used as a alternative backup in the event when Eskom is not available.

These systems are fully integrated and switching happens automatically.

Thaba Solar has successfully installed a “Off-Grid” System for 3x110kW Centrifugal Motor, 2x 90kW Centrifugal Motor and 1x45kW Centrifugal Motor.

This systems consists of:

>  3×130 kW VSD Drives
>  2×90 kW VSD Drives
>  1x55kW VSD Drive
>  980kW Solar PV Array
>  4x250kVa Volvo Diesel >  Generators

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