We successfully implemented large Commercial and Industrial Solutions, and have the ability to size, implement and support medium sized solar systems.

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Our commercial solutions include 3 Phase Inverters ranging from 30kW to 630kW. These inverters can parallel and can size up to 1.9mW.
Because commercial systems normally require more power during the day, the solar PV Array will be large enough to sustain the daily load with enough PV Solar Power to recharge the battery.
For these solutions, the Lithium Ion Battery is to “balance” the loads when there is cloudy/insufficient sunlight and to ensure the night load is sustained. The Lithium Ion Battery also assists business to ease through load shedding.
Our systems can connect with the National Grid to assist the load.
A typical solution is 1x150kW Inverter with a Freedom Won 200kWh HV Lithium Battery and 100 kW Solar PV Array.
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We integrate a backup generator to automatically start and stop in the event of poor weather conditions and grid failure.
In the event where grid is not available, the backup generator fills in when there is poor weather conditions and not enough power to supply loads and charge the battery.
These systems are integrated with the inverter manage generator.
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