MPPT Solar Charge Controller


MPPT 2010
Fangpusun Solarix MPPT 2010 is a  solar charge controller with MaximumPower Point Tracking. It is specially  designed to work with all established module technologies and is optimized for  solar systems with module voltages higher than the battery voltage. The  fangpusun Solarix MPPT 2010 is especially qualified in combination with grid  tied solar modules. The advanced MPPT-tracking algorithm from Fangpusun assures  that the maximum available power of the solar generator is charged to the  batteries. The Fangpusun Solarix MPPT 2010 with latest technology ensures full  performance in all conditions, a professional battery care combined with modern  design and excellent protection.
Product  features
Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT  tracker)
Voltage and current regulation
PWM control
Current compensated load  disconnection
Automatic load reconnection
Temperature compensation
Monthly maintenance charge
Electronic  protection functions
Over  charge protection
Deep discharge protection
Reverse polarity protection of  load, module and battery
Reverse polarity protection by  internal fuse
Automatic electronic fuse
Short circuit protection at  module input
Overvoltage protection at module  input
Open circuit protection without  battery
Reverse current protection at  night
Over temperature and overload  protection
Battery overvoltage shutdown
Multifunction  LED display
Multi-coloured LED
5lLEDs show operating states for  operation , state of charge, fault messages
Night light function pre-set in  the factory or adjustable via Fangpusun PA RC100
Parameterisation of function  values via PA RC100
Compliant with European Standards  (CE)
ROHS compliant
Made in china

Characterisation of the operating    performance
System voltage 12V(24V)
Nominal power 250w(500w)
Max. efficiency >98%
Own consumption 10mA
DC input side
MPP voltage 15v(30v)<Vmodule<<100v
Open circuit voltage solar module 17v…100v(24v…100v)
Module current 18A
DC output side
Charge current 20A
Load current 10A
End of charge voltage 13.9V(27.8V)
Boost charge voltage 14.4V(28.8V)
Equalisation charge 14.7v(29.4v)
Reconnection voltage(LVR) 12.5V(25V)
Deep discharge protection(LVD) 11.5V(23V)
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature -25℃…+40℃
Fitting and construction
Terminal(fine/single wire) 16m㎡/25m㎡-AWG6/4
Degree of protection IP 32
Dimension(X x Y x Z) 187153X68mm
Weight 900g


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