Candle Light 7w Milky



Candle Light 7w Milky

7w 230v LED Candle Light that replaces a 40-60w candle OR A60 bulb

7w 230v LED Candle Light  that replaces a 40-60w candle OR A60 bulb
Product Codes
Power (watts)
Operating voltage
Lamp cap
E14 / E27
Expected Life (hours)
Light output (lumens)
500 (cw) / 480 (ww)
Colour temperature
6000k Cool White
2900k Warm White
Colour rendering index
Beam angle (degrees)
Dimmer Compatible
Non – Dimmable
                : Incandescent
50 w
Replaces  : Halogen
                : CFL
20 w
This High quality LED Candle Light that is a replacement for 85-265v incandescent or CFL Candle and uses up to 7 times less electricity than its retrofit alternative, comes with a 1 year warranty.
The Warm White option of this Candle closely replicates the light of a 50 w incandescent whereas the Cool White more closely replicates a 20w CFL Candle.
This bulb uses 14 SMd 28352 sanan LED Chips and a frosted or Milky lens to give a very even light spread throughout it’s 315 degree bean angle.
The transparent lens option more closely replicates an incandescent bulb with brighter light output. A flame tip design is available upon request.The Life expectancy of this globe is 30 000 hours and is CE & RoHS compliant.
a Bayonet (B22) version of this is available subject to quotation and MOQ (we do currently have stock)
This globe is very suitable as a replacement for light fittings requiring both bright , side illumination like ceiling and bulkhead lights, extractor hobs etc. and where a small diameter light is required.


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