Aqua Heat Swimming pool Heatpump


How often have you felt like swimming, but your pool was just too cold?
Without heating the average swimming pool can only be used for about 4 months
per year. Solar heating increases this time to around 6-8 months. But with an
Aquaheat heat pump you can enjoy using your pool any time you want.
So don’t let cold water restrict your fun. With Aquaheat you and your family can get
the most out of your swimming pool.

Cost effective

– the overall running costs of Aquaheat heat
pumps are 65 – 80% less than those of conventional heater
Easy to install

– the professional installation is a quick and
easy process with minimum interruption to your day.

– Aquaheat heat pumps receive 80% of their
energy from the surrounding air, making them a clean and
environmentally sound way to heat your pool.
Built to last

– our pumps are made from corrosion resistant
materials which are able to withstand South Africa’s harsh
weather conditions.
Quality guaranteed

– all Aquaheat products are manufactured
to ISO standards and have been awarded the CE mark of


– our heat pumps are extremely quiet, so you can rest
assured that you and your family won’t be disturbed by any
unnecessary noise.


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